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Product Name:Sliding doors
Product Detailed:

        Aluminum alloy frame industrial sliding door, also known as aluminum alloy edge industrial sliding doors, that is, the door around the door frame, including the door outside the door, rail and guide rails are aluminum alloy material, is now the more popular plant door. Now most of the market are used on the load-bearing under the way, the load on the use of expansion bolts will be fixed in the brick or wall welded or welded welding in the steel wall (need to advance welding pieces), groove and door plate fixed in the track In the walk, both sides of the track and the lower part of the door on both sides of the installation of the brake, to fix the door stroke. The upper part of the door, the left and right edges of the inside and the bottom are sealed strips, used to seal to prevent dust and warm.

Aluminum alloy frame 

    Aluminum alloy wrapping with 2.5mm thick aluminum alloy material, the excellent designer to design a beautiful arc, completely subvert the people in the minds of the U-shaped slot side of the simple odd business door impression. Advantages are beautiful, significant grade, corrosion-resistant, never rust, greatly improving the industrial door life. Ordinary iron galvanized U-shaped slot side of the service life of about 5 years, aluminum alloy package life of up to 15-20 years. So, from the economic aspects of consideration, the use of a slight price advantage of iron galvanized package edge, far less aluminum edge package cost-effective.

Aluminum alloy track:

        Track 5mm thick aluminum alloy material, advanced single slide structure anti-derailment trip, push and pull resistance is small, lightweight, free operation, no noise, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long life.

Aluminum alloy handle

       With the door through the long aluminum alloy outer handle, durable, easy to pull, beautiful appearance, elegant, like a beautiful silver crony, but also highlights the distinctive tough guy tenderness.

Lower rail structure:

        Using a specially designed with a guide groove of the aluminum alloy edge, guide wheel using nylon material. With beautiful appearance, durable, easy installation, sliding smooth, practical and so on.

Wheel structure:

        The structure has a fixed wheel frame, eccentric shaft, hanging wheel, fasteners and other components. Fixed wheel frame with galvanized iron pieces, high strength, no deformation, wheel with nylon wheel, rather than composite plastic, with good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and no noise.

Door plate:
        Door panels for the color steel composite panels (also known as color steel sandwich panels), most of the door of the door thickness of 75mm color steel composite panels, 50mm thin and not strong, 100mm thick and bulky, and bad custom.
        The most commonly used color steel composite board for the polystyrene board, also known as foam composite board, EPS composite board, a fire-retardant and ordinary two, door with color steel composite plate foam bulk density 12kg / m³ above, color steel thickness of 0.4mm or more. Glass wool and rock wool for the filler of the color steel composite panels, generally used in the fire acceptance requirements of the more stringent new plant or workshop, the disadvantage is that the filler is soft, far from the impression that the door is not smooth, especially the heavy and suck Strong tide, affecting the life of the door. Polyurethane color steel composite board, filler for the polyurethane foam, the door is hard and smooth, but also to meet the stringent fire acceptance requirements, long life, shortcomings are relatively heavy, and expensive, so use less.

        Hanteam aluminum alloy edge industrial sliding door (sliding door) light material, good sealing, durable, small footprint, easy to use, no noise, low failure, superior performance, and long life. Set the upper track can be in the general plant, logistics and other places to use. Door frame, outside the handle and track are all aluminum alloy material, anti-corrosion rust, push and pull light, clean and generous appearance, low prices. Is the industrial plant, production workshop, logistics warehouses and other excellent choice.
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